Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yume Lacquer Swatch and Review

Hello again my lovelies!! As promised I have a few polishes from a new to me brand called Yume Lacquer that the owner Amanda sent for me to review with my honest opinion. :)

I'm pretty excited to show you these! All of Yume Lacquer polishes are based around anime video game characters and are 3- Free (which means they don't contain some of those nasty/bad for you chemicals!)

The first polish up is Marukyu Striptease.

This item is a nail polish based on the character Rise Kujikawa of one of the most popular video games Persona 4.

Marukyu Striptease is a jelly-like/holographic pink polish with different sized and colored confetti glitters. I really love the base pink color to this polish and the multi-colored glitters really add a fun pop to it! I was pleasantly surprised with the how pigmented the base was and only needed 2 coats to achieve this look.

I was also surprised at how many glitters the brush pulled out with each application. You really don't have to fish around for glitter with this polish. (Unless you want to place a certain color in a specific spot).

Here is a shot of Marukyu Striptease in the sun! Don't you just love it? I wore this polish to the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Party!

Next up is a polish called Time Distortion.

This item is a nail polish based on the character Sailor Pluto of one of the most popular magic girl animes, Sailor Moon.

Time Distortion is a silvery polish with a holographic pink and green look to it out in the sun. Unfortunately I could not capture the effect in my photographs. :(

I only needed 2 coats for this look. Although I am not too keen of the silverish color against my skin tone, I have no doubt it will look amazing on other people! (It really does sparkle and shine in the sun though!)

Last up is Gasp! The Enemy!

This item is a nail polish based on the character Fuuka Yamagishi from the video game Persona 3.

Gasp! The Enemy is a linear holographic aqua color. (You know how I feel about polishes in the blue color family!!!!) It is super pigmented and packed with holo! (WOOOHOOO HOLO!) I only used 2 coats of polish to achieve this look.

Gorgeous! <3 If you want to see more of Yume Lacquer's polishes please go visit her etsy page! These polishes are available for purchase in full sizes for $9.50 each.

Go check them out!!!!!

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