Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Matte About You ;)

Yet another challenge from my group of facebook girlies. . . this week was: Matte.

I wasn't sure if I had any matte polish but I did remember having bought a small China Glaze top coat from Sally's over the summer when it was on clearance. Last resort I would turn to the top coat.

Then I remembered what a wonderful hubby I have! He had bought me 10 Julep polishes from a lovely lady on facebook for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Not being a Maven myself, I have to resort to swaps usually to get my Julep fix. I checked my stash and sure enough I had a matte suede finish!!

I've never used any matte polishes before, but I am super impressed with how this one applied.

Ladies I give to you. . .

Julep Brit! :)

Isn't she beautiful? Brit is a one coat wonder! (I know you like hearing that!) Julep polishes are only 0.27 fl oz so only having to apply one coat means more manis out of that bottle. (Equals more for my money woohoo!)

This polish reminds me of molten metal. What do you think?

I'm always a fan of the beautiful bottle (even if it is less polish than other bottles offer). Did you hear the rumor that there will be Julep minis coming out? How cute! :)

Julep Brit = a keeper in my book! I think matte has won me over.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aims and Nova mail :)

So lovelies. . . I am sick and it's rainy/gloomy outside. Depressing huh?

This is what I am pretty much drinking by the gallon along with my meds and vitamins.

Cute mug though huh? ;)

What better way to brighten my day than to come home to . . .


These beauties were won by yours truly in The Nail Files 2 year blog anniversary giveaway. :) You should go check out her blog ----> here. It is pretty great. :)

I would try them out right now . . . but I'm still admiring my beautiful Polish Yer Hooves - Cow Patty polish from my previous post!

I'm not the only one that got mail today though. . .

What is that? Nova is wondering too.

Only the best invention ever!!! It's a doggie doo bag from Wags and Wiggles. Look at the super cute design on the front!! There are tons more designs to choose from. :)

You know you want one too! Seriously, who wants to walk around with doo bags dangling from their hands? Here is the link to the store! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfect Fall brown!

I am super duper excited to be showing you this new polish today!

Nova is too!

Doesn't he look thrilled? hehe

This is a polish made by a new indie polish maker. Polish Yer Hooves! You can check out her Etsy store here. <--- Click! Trust me you won't be sorry. :) Her polishes are 3-Free and cruelty free. I was browsing the world of Facebook when I stumbled across this gem. I was instantly hooked to her witty names and theme. Super cute and original! All of her polishes have some sort of cow reference in them and I love it! I fell in love with her brown holo polish. Like she says "the perfect brown for fall." She is so right!

Here it is with no top coat. Look at the shimmery goodness!

Super cute bottles!!!!

Two coats of this beauty to achieve the look. :) Bet you want to know the name now don't you? You'll never guess it!!


I promise it doesn't smell like it though! There is even a fragrance option when you buy, so you can make the polish smell like vanilla etc. :)

Maybe even a rose?

I can't wait to see it in the sun!

Leigh Anne has some new polishes coming out very soon. Check out her facebook page and give her a like!!!

This post is Nova approved! ;)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chrome Girl

Earlier this week, I had to paint my nails black for a little contest I joined in on. We all had to take a picture of our nails painted all black on a plain background. The pictures are going to be posted on pinterest and we all have to guess who's mani belongs to who. For sake of keeping the mystery about my mani, I won't post the picture I took.

However, I did have to jazz it up a little bit after I was finished, because I didn't like the all black look. So depressing to me. Plus, I had said I would include pink or pink and blue manis this month. (Breast cancer awareness and infant/pregnancy loss awareness).

The polish I used for this mani was made by Chrome Girl. It is a newer line that has come out. 4-Free which means it doesn't have these nasty chemicals in it: formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or camphor.

This is Chrome Girl- Worth the Wait

A big thanks to A Girl and her Polish for sending me this polish I won in her giveaway! Go check out her site and follow! Amazing blog! :) Also follow the link to read her review about this beautiful polish!

I used Cheeky rhinestones and a star stud to achieve this look. :)

Dedicated to all the little ones taken too soon who are flying among the stars now.

The hubs doesn't like the black mani look. What do you guys think? ;)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Movie inspired mani

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So I'm in a group of lovely girls on facebook and everyone is doing movie inspired manis this week. Since I am doing pink or pink and blue manis for October . . . I struggled with this one.

What movies could I incorporate a pink mani in?


(That is me thinking really hard btw! ;) )

First, I googled movies with pink in their title. I came up with many movies that I had never heard of and also ones such as: Pink Panther. I wasn't sure how I would do a mani for any of them so the search continued.

Finally, I thought maybe some sort of Disney movie. I love kids movies! I could do something with Minnie Mouse. . . but was she ever really in a movie? Not that I knew of. . .

I took my search to IMDB.com and started typing in different Disney movies that I could remember. I had started to settle down in the notion that I might do a Princess of some sort. Maybe Aurora? She wore pink right? Then I stumbled across Alice in Wonderland.


I present to you. . .

The Cheshire Cat!!! (I also included the Queen of Hearts' roses which got painted red!)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As you all know, October is breast cancer awareness month. A lot of nail polish enthusiasts such as myself have pledged to an all pink mani month. I am going to have to split mine up though. . .

Did you also know that October is infant/pregnancy loss awareness month?

This topic is near and dear to my heart. One of my dear friends from college lost her baby girl at term last year. To honor her beautiful baby girl (with the sweet name of Rosalee) and all of the little angels who have earned their wings too early, I plan on wearing pink/blue manis for half of the month. Will anybody else join me?

Pictured below I used Essie Pink Diamonds and a light blue konad stamping polish with a pueen stamp plate.

The roses are for Rosalee. . .