Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Avon Nailwear Pro + swatch and review

I met Jodi through a group on Facebook and when she mentioned that she had signed up to be an Avon Rep and was looking for some bloggers to do a review on Avon polish, I gave her my link. (The more I can share with you the better!!) She sent me two Avon polishes in the mail for an honest review. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality that Avon polishes had to offer. I've never tried the brand before now and figured with the cheaper prices that the polish would also be cheap quality. I stand corrected.

Jodi sent me Cherry Jubilee and Gunmetal.

Cherry Jubilee:

Cherry Jubilee applied very nicely. I was really surprised to see that I only needed 2 coats of polish to achieve this look. (One coat is pretty dark as well but I applied two coats to cover up my brush marks). Cherry Jubilee dried so fast on me that I had to double check the bottle. I thought it might have been the speed dry type. It's not. I'm really curious to see how fast the speed dry polishes by Avon dry. I'm not normally a red fan on my own nails. It tends to look silly on me. However, I fell in love with this shade. I'm thinking because it is more of a maroon.


Gunmetal applied just as nice! Same dry speed. I am super impressed!! (2 coats again here).

Both polishes are shown with topcoat but really did not need any since they have a high shine finish of their own!

Here is a little bit of nail art for you!

Avon nailwear pro+ polishes are only $6 on the Avon website! (Holy wow! What an awesome price!!)

You can buy Avon nailwear pro+ on Jodi's Avon site here:

I highly recommend!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ruby White Tips - That's How We Roll in the Shire

I am super super excited to show you this beautiful new polish from Ruby White Tips! Good news too! It just became available today for purchase. I had the pleasure of getting to swatch it for Laura's website. I am such a proud blogger right now with my pictures up front and center for this gorgeous pink polish!

This is "That's How We Roll in the Shire." This polish is the first to be released to you from the new Hobbit inspired collection at Ruby White Tips. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new colors in the collection making their debut in the future as well!

I am a massive fan of this gorgeous bright pink color. There is also an amazing sparkle to it with all the beautiful micro glitter packed into it. Not only does this polish have a pop of pink, but it also has a hint of purplish blue tone to it. I could stare at my nails all day with this one! (Even the bottle, it is taking me forever to write this post because I keep stopping to twirl the bottle to watch the magic). Honestly a stunner!

Sun Shots!!!

Have you fallen in love yet?

That's How We Roll in the Shire is a 5-free and cruelty free polish. It goes on so smooth (like butter!) and dries quick. I used 2 coats of polish and topcoat to achieve this look.

I told Laura that this is going to be filed in my touch-it-and-you-die-a-miserable-death-not-going-to-share-pile. <3 <3 <3 Did I mention that this polish is only $9.75 for a full size bottle? Well? What are you waiting for? Go buy it!!! ;) (Because. . . I won't share mine!)

Keep Ruby White Tips bookmarked:





Friday, April 25, 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer April Showers Collection

Tonight on the blog (as promised) I have 3 beautiful polishes sent for an honest review to me from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer. These three polishes are from her upcoming April Showers collection, set to release this Sunday April 27 at 3:30 pm EDT. You will not want to miss out on these beauties! (Stock will be low but depending on popularity, Julie may bring them back for the May restock)!

Colors from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's April Shower Collection will include the following:

Dogwood – white crelly packed with silver shimmer, purple micro-flakies, and multicolored iridescent flakies.
Peruvian Lily – pastel orange crème with a red to gold shift.
Cherry Blossom – pastel pink crelly with a teal to purple shift.
Purple Phlox – purple crème with blue to purple iridescent micro glitters.
Lady Slipper – mint green crème with a blue to purple shift.
Hydrangea –pastel blue crème packed with purple, blue, and aqua shimmers.

I was sent the following three: Peruvian Lily, Dogwood and Hydrangea.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer used the old saying "April Showers, Bring May Flowers," as an inspiration for this new line. It is supposed to be an array of soft pastel floral colors with the look of dewy rain on them. I believe she hit it right on the dot!

First up: Peruvian Lily

Peruvian Lily is a pastel orange creme with a red to gold shift. I also noticed a bit of pinkish shimmer to it. (So lovely!)

To achieve this look I used 3 thin coats of polish and topped it off with topcoat. I really enjoyed the formula of Peruvian Lily, as it goes on very smooth, dries in a pretty quick amount of time and has amazing coverage. Plus how cute are these rectangle bottles? (One of my favorite bottle shapes!)

Peruvian Lily will be sold on the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer bigcartel site for $12 for a full size bottle. It is such a unique color and is definitely a must have for your collection!

Next: Dogwood

Dogwood is a white crelly polish packed with silver shimmer, purple micro-flakies, and multicolored iridescent flakies. I'm not usually a fan of white polish and mostly save it for polish undies but I can see myself pulling this one out to wear again as just a plain (but shimmery!) mani.

Again, love the formula. I used 3 thin coats to achieve this look (topped off with topcoat). However, I must admit I was tempted to leave it at one or two coats because it looks lovely with less coats of polish as well. (If you want to go for a more sheer, subtle shimmery look!)

Dogwood will be available Sunday on the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer bigcartel site for only $8.50 for a full size bottle. Worn as a mani, or as undies for nail art. . . this is a must have as well!

Last: Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a pastel blue crème packed with purple, blue, and aqua shimmers. So beautiful! This was one of my favorites! (You all know blue is my favorite polish color!)

I achieved this look with 3 thin coats of polish and topped it off with topcoat. Holy cow! I am so glad I was able to catch the gorgeous shimmer in this picture! LOVE the formula and at only $8.50 for a full size bottle you should be running to her site on Sunday to buy this gorgeous baby blue!

I was super impressed with all three polishes!


Notes from the maker:

A few of the older Core Line, Winter Collection, and Valentine’s Day Collection polishes will also be restocked during this sale, and they include Watch the Walls, Self Satisfied, Tacky Winter Sweater, Skating in the Snow, Idealistic Future, and the December Duo. Prices for these polishes will be reduced to $6 for each individual polish and $10 for the Duo.

Please note, sadly, my cost of production has increased due to the rising prices of raw materials. As such, I have had to increase the cost of future collections. All old collection polishes will retain their old pricing. From here on out, the new pricing structure will be $8.50 for glitters/cremes/shimmers, $12 for shifters/duos/holos, and $13 for LEs. I appreciate your understanding!


Keep Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers book marked through the following links:


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Flowers Nail Art

Onto day three of the Spring renewal challenge! Yes I know that I skipped yesterday. :-P

Polishes used:

China Glaze- White on white
Julep- Daisy
Love, Angeline- When He Shakes His Mane

I found a really pretty idea on Pinterest (could not find original poster and there was no watermark) and did my own little twist on it. :)

Sweet and simple! Besides the fact that I missed a little bit of clean up and wrinkled it a little bit from hopping into the shower to soon after finishing my mani . . . I think it turned out ok. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Nail art!

I'm part of two fabulous nail art groups on Facebook which challenge you to test your nail art skills. Both groups this week have chosen Spring themed challenges. Nail Art Designs theme this week is Easter nails and Challenge Your Nail Art's theme for today is Easter Egg nails. I did a mixture of both!

I can't promise that I will do each day of the Spring Renewal challenge, but I will try. :)

Here are the polishes I used for my Easter nails:

Konad stamping polishes- white, black and light blue
China Glaze- White on white
Dippin Dots polishes

I had a ton of fun with this challege!

******* Nova is not impressed with his bunny ears. ********

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aurora Lacquers swatch and review

***Press Sample***

I am really excited to share a new indie polish brand with you today, Aurora Lacquers. This mother/daughter combo sent me 4 of their new polishes to swatch and review/share with you!

My Fair Lily

My Fair Lily is pale creme polish. Very pale. It's hard to pick up on the pink with a camera but it is there! This is a 5-Free polish. (LOVE this about indies!)

This polish applied very well, only needing 2 thin coats to achieve this look. It is not normally something I would personally go for as a mani by itself, but it is awesome in my opinion for undies and nail art! (Again, just my personal color preference, nothing against the polish. It is lovely. :) )

Poppy Parade

Poppy Parade is a really fun glitter topper that has a pink shimmer to it. Glitters are pink and purple flower shaped and purple, pink and yellow tiny circle shapes. Fun all around! This is also a 5-Free polish. :) I topped Poppy Parade over My Fair Lily.

The shimmer in Poppy Parade was hard to capture with my camera but I was in awe of my fun nails the whole day I had this on! Application was . . . ok. I had no problem pulling base and shimmer out with the polish brush, but had to fish a bit for the glitters. I chalked part of it up to my using a mini bottle. The end result was worth it though and I completely recommend adding this cutie to your collection!

Bunny Grass Pink

Bunny Grass Pink is one of my favorites from these 4 polishes! It is a LIMITED EDITION pink iridescent jelly glitter which is also 5-Free.

With Flash:

So gorgeous! I fell in love right away! Application was amazing and only needed 1 coat of polish to achieve this look!

Easter Grass Green

Easter Grass Green was another one of my favorites! Easter Grass Green is a LIMITED EDITION lime green iridescent jelly glitter. Like the other Aurora Lacquers polishes it is also 5-free!

With Flash:

Easter Grass Green applied like a dream and I fell in love with it straight away. This is only 1 coat of polish! Dry time is great as well.

I was very impressed with these 4 polishes and can't wait to see what else the mother/daughter combo at Aurora Lacquers has up their sleeves! Check out some of their other amazing polishes on their online shop!