Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ruby White Tips - That's How We Roll in the Shire

I am super super excited to show you this beautiful new polish from Ruby White Tips! Good news too! It just became available today for purchase. I had the pleasure of getting to swatch it for Laura's website. I am such a proud blogger right now with my pictures up front and center for this gorgeous pink polish!

This is "That's How We Roll in the Shire." This polish is the first to be released to you from the new Hobbit inspired collection at Ruby White Tips. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new colors in the collection making their debut in the future as well!

I am a massive fan of this gorgeous bright pink color. There is also an amazing sparkle to it with all the beautiful micro glitter packed into it. Not only does this polish have a pop of pink, but it also has a hint of purplish blue tone to it. I could stare at my nails all day with this one! (Even the bottle, it is taking me forever to write this post because I keep stopping to twirl the bottle to watch the magic). Honestly a stunner!

Sun Shots!!!

Have you fallen in love yet?

That's How We Roll in the Shire is a 5-free and cruelty free polish. It goes on so smooth (like butter!) and dries quick. I used 2 coats of polish and topcoat to achieve this look.

I told Laura that this is going to be filed in my touch-it-and-you-die-a-miserable-death-not-going-to-share-pile. <3 <3 <3 Did I mention that this polish is only $9.75 for a full size bottle? Well? What are you waiting for? Go buy it!!! ;) (Because. . . I won't share mine!)

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  1. Ohhh, that's a really pretty color!

  2. gah! I LOVE this pink!! Great swatches!

  3. Wow, that's really pretty! I love the subtle sparkles.

  4. I like it! I've been diggin' sparkly polish lately :)

  5. Super pretty! I love it!

    Life & Leopard

  6. Loving this color! Perfect for summer!!!

  7. So shiny and sparkly! Love the color!

  8. I would never stop staring at my nails - I love a good pink polish and glitter makes it even better :)

  9. That polish is super pretty!!!