Monday, March 31, 2014

La Bella Vernice: The Devil Wears Purple (thermal)

La Bella Vernice has done it again! She has made a gorgeous holo thermal polish for all of us to fall in love with. This new thermal is named by one of our dear friends Aylin from Posh Nail Art and is part of Roni's new purple Polish Sisters collection. Roni sent me this polish for my honest review (and for a video too!!)

La Bella Vernice - The Devil Wears Purple

The Devil Wears Purple is a heat activated, gorgeously stunning, purple to pink holographic thermal. The above picture is shown with two coats of polish and no top coat. This is a 4-Free polish. :)

As with all La Bella Vernice polishes I have tried so far, the formula is great (even better since it only needs 2 coats of polish!) The dry time is pretty quick as well!

^^^^ I was luckily able to snag a few sun shots for you! Unfortunately is was pretty cold out so the polish stayed purple, but you can see some of the gorgeous holo in the polish and in the bottle. ^^^^

Again, this is a heat activated thermal polish. Purple when cold and pink when warm/hot. As Roni says on her website, this will be a fantastic summer color to wear to the pool. Pink on your toes. . . dip them in the pool and amaze everyone when they turn purple!!!!

Both colors this polish transitions back and forth between are breath taking! To see a video of the transition in action, visit my Facebook page.

La Bella Vernice - The Devil Wears Purple is currently available for pre-order on Roni's website for only $10. As of this moment (I just checked) there are only 15 available for pre-order, so if you want to be one of the first ladies to own this magical polish. . . HURRY!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet Heart Polish SuperFine Collection polishes

A little while back I applied to blog for some polish from Sweet Heart Polish. I was so surprised and excited when I received a blogger pack in the mail!! (Sent to me for an honest review) :)

I'm pretty sure I squealed! Isn't the packaging so adorable?! I love the little blogger bottles!

Cassandra sent me 3 polishes from her new SuperFine Collection. This collection is named after some super fine man candy, aka majorly hot actors/singers. I received Adam (named after Mr. Levine himself), Luke (for the country hottie Luke Bryan), and Josh (aka the one and only hottie from The Hunger Games - Josh Hutcherson). I have to say. . . I completely agree with her on putting them in this "SuperFine Collection!"

First up is Adam:

^^^^ Man Candy for you ;) ^^^^

Adam is a purple micro glitter polish with a hint of holo added to the mix. This is a 5-Free polish. The above pictures are shown without topcoat. Top finger is shown without undies and is 3 coats of polish, bottom 3 fingers are with a light purple undie polish and 2 coats of Adam on top.

Since the polish is a micro glitter it does have a bit of textured feel to it. I'm not a huge fan of texture but these I can handle because it is very fine. I love the sparkle Adam gives off.

These last pictures are shown with topcoat. I'm a shiny fan so I prefer wearing Adam like this, however I think both ways are quite appealing.

Application was great, the brush had no problem grabbing the perfect amount of glitter which each stroke and dry time was quite fast.

Next up is Luke:

^^^^ More man candy ;) ^^^^

Luke is a green micro glitter polish with a hint of holo added to the mix. This is a 5-Free polish. Again the top pictures are shown without topcoat and have a bit of a textured feel due to the micro glitter. Top finger is shown without undies and is 3 coats of polish, bottom 3 fingers are over a light nude polish undie with 2 coats of Luke on top.

The last 2 pictures are shown with topcoat because again, I am a shiny fan!

Same with Adam, the application of Luke was great, the brush grabbing the perfect amount of glitter each time and dry time was great!

Last up is Josh:

^^^^ Man candy ;) ^^^^

Josh is a deep red micro glitter with a hint of holo added in to the mix. Like the other three polishes from her SuperFine Collection (as well as ALL of her polishes), Josh is a 5-Free polish. The nail at the top of the bottle is shown without undies and 3 coats, the bottom three nails are shown with a light nude undie polish and 2 coats of Josh on top.

I had to flip the bottle over in this picture to show you the gorgeous color!

Again, with Josh I prefer the topcoat look (being a shiny fan and all). I'm not usually a red fan but this one started to grow on me (thanks to a friend opening my eyes to it). Reds always look silly on me (in my opinion).

The application of Josh was great as well. Dry time was exceptional. :)

All three of these polishes are available for purchase on the Sweet Heart Polish Etsy page for $9 each. Or the whole SuperFine Collection for $64. Go check them out!

SuperFine Polishes:

- Adam
- Luke
- Josh
- Matthew
- Joseph
- Liam
- David
- Justin

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Stamping

Every feel like you need to change your mani but you are so completely in love with the color that you don't want to remove the polish?

Me too!

So what do you do then?


I was so in love with the La Bella Vernice thermal in my last blog post that I decided I needed to extend my mani a little longer. I turned to my stamping supplies! (Love stamping by the way! It was the tip of my iceberg when it came to falling into the polishing world. . . the thing that started it all!)

Supplies used in this post were:

- Stamping materials
- Konad White
- La Bella Vernice - Feeling Playful
- Shany Plate SH20

Here are my results:

For a fun video of the thermal in action check out La Bella Vernice's Facebook page. (She posted my video!)

If you would like to read the review on La Bella Vernice - Feeling Playful click ----> HERE :)


Monday, March 24, 2014

La Bella Vernice - Feeling Playful

This evening on the blog I have an ultra holographic thermal polish from one of my favorite brands La Bella Vernice. I purchased this polish somewhat recently. I have a goal to own all of La Bella Vernice's Mood Swings Collection. ;)

Feeling Playful:

^^^ Before the thermal shift is activated ^^^

^^^ After the thermal shift ^^^

Feeling Playful is an ultra holographic thermal polish that starts out a creamy/silvery white and shifts to a deep, gorgeous/vibrant magenta with cold temperatures.

You can watch the thermal shift in action on my Facebook page.

The above 2 pictures show 3 fingers with topcoat and one without. You can see that without topcoat Feeling Playful has a more velvety/matte look. I'm more of a fan of the shine from topcoat, but I do love the delicate feel this polish gives off without topcoat as well.

I used 4 coats of polish to achieve this look (mostly because I was trying to cover up some leftover stains from a different brand!) You could get away with 3 coats for opaqueness though! Also, If you are looking for a more subtle hint of the silvery white 1-2 coats would suffice. The magenta will still be super bright and vibrant either way! I could see myself wearing this polish in 1-2 coats in the future for a more shimmery subtle look during the summer!

Nail Porn! ;)

Application was really a dream. The formula is great and dries pretty quickly. (Which is awesome because I used 4 coats!) I'm seriously in love with this color and have been playing with "Feeling Playful" all day!

It was not a superbly sunny day out today so unfortunately my camera did not catch the gorgeous scattered ulta holo as well as I had hoped. I couldn't wait any longer to share this beauty with you though!

Do you see someone lurking in the background? He says hello. ;)

You can purchase this gorgeous holo thermal on the La Bella Vernice website for only $10 for a full size bottle. While you are there you should check out the other gorgeous thermals she has to offer!

P.S. There there are two new FABULOUS purple polishes coming out April 1st that you can preorder if you message Roni on her La Bella Vernice facebook page to secure yours! Get yours before they are gone! The 2 new colors Neener Neener Neener and Lavendar, Always!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer Indigo-go Dancer

Again, Ooh La Lacquer is a new to me brand and was sent to me from a friend! :) (She sent me 3 so be on the look out for 1 more post in the near future!) You can find my first post here: Hella Good I am already a fan now that I've tried these polishes. I think you will be as well!

Tonight on the blog I have one gorgeous holographic polish from Ooh La Lacquer to show you! This one is called "Indigo-go Dancer."

Like all of Ooh La Lacquer's polishes, Indigo-go Dancer is 3 Free (does NOT contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).) One reason I love indie polishes so much!

^^^^ Bedroom lighting with no flash again ^^^^

Indigo-go Dancer is indigo linear holographic polish. Thus the name Indigo-go Dancer! ;) Like Hella Good, this polish is packed full of holo. I'd call it a super holo since it shines so sparkly! It can be very distracting. :)

^^^^ SUN!!!! ^^^^

I applied 2 coats of polish to achieve this look. For a slightly less opaque look I suggest 1 coat. Again, it is beautiful, the formula is awesome (not thick at all in my experience) and dries fairly quickly!

Indigo-go Dancer is available online on the Ooh La Lacquer Etsy shop for only $10 for a full size bottle! Go get yours!!!! :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer Hella Good

Ooh La Lacquer is a new to me brand and was sent to me from a friend! :) (She sent me 3 so be on the look out for 2 more posts in the near future!)

I automatically fell in love with the polishes Ooh La Lacquer has to offer. A majority of them are holographic polishes and you know me . . . ;) HOLOOOOOOOOO!!!! *runs in circles*

Tonight on the blog I have one gorgeous holographic from Ooh La Lacquer to show you! This one is called "Hella Good." (Mmmhmmm love the name too).

Hella Good is a minty bluish green linear holographic polish. All of Ooh La Lacquer's polishes are 3 Free - Does NOT contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

The above is another shot where I was standing under my bedroom light fixture (no flash!) just in case it decided to be a cloudy day again. (Good news! It was sunny for the first half of the day and I was able to snag lots of holo-y goodness!)

SEE?! Pretty gorgeous!

I used 3 coats of polish to achieve this look, but I think you can get away with only 2 coats. I was unfortunately trying to polish over some nasty stains which still won't come off my nails from a previous pink polish I reviewed a week or so ago. Application was wonderful and I found the formula fantastic. Dry time was fairly quick as well!

Now for a few more sun shots!!

You can purchase some gorgeous Ooh La Lacquer polishes on her etsy site. Most run $10 for a full size bottle. (Which is fabulous because there is sooooo much holo packed into these babies I would have expected them to cost more! Lucky us!!!) I just checked and it does not look like Hella Good is listed on the site currently, but I'm sure it will be back soon!