Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ruby White Tips Spalding's Baby

Laura from Ruby White Tips did it again! She held a "name that polish" giveaway. She liked my polish name so much that she ended up making an LE (limited edition) polish for her American Horror Story line which is only available if you buy the whole set. Lucky me, Laura was a doll and sent me one since I came up with the name! (LOVE Laura!)

The name I came up with was Spalding's Baby

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Spalding^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

If you followed the latest American Horror Story season, you should be fairly familiar with Spalding's obsession with dolls. He even dresses up like one. Finally in the last episode or so. . . Spalding gets a living baby. You will have to watch to find out why and how!

Spalding's baby is a gorgeous bright pink polish, which is 5 Free and Vegan friendly!

Spalding's Baby goes on like a dream! I only used 2 coats for this manicure, however, you could probably get away with only one coat. This is another polish that looks to me like I just came from a nail salon with a fresh gel mani. Nope! It is regular (but GORGEOUS) polish!

I absolutely LOVE it!

If you are interested in purchasing Spalding's Baby, you will need to purchase the full set of Ruby White Tips - American Horror Story Collection. At $120 for 14 polishes. . . I'd say the price is a steal! If you are an American Horror Story fan like me. . . this line of polish is a MUST have!