Monday, December 30, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves - Mystery Polish

On the blog today is the mystery polish from Polish Yer Hooves. You would have received this polish if you ordered during Leigh Anne's Black Friday sales.

It was super cold the past few days so I decided to show you the mystery polish for tonight's post since it is a more dark and vampy color. Don't you worry though. . . as always with Leigh Anne's polishes. . . there is a pop of sparkle!

Polish Yer Hooves - A Rolling Cow Gathers No Moss

As you can see, this mystery polish is in a square bottle. I thought this was neat since it was different from Leigh Anne's other polishes. Can you see the hints of pink sparkle? They were hard to capture.

This mystery polish is a really pretty almost olive green color with hints of pink sparkle. I was hoping for a sunny day to capture the sparkle more but the sun was not on my side today.

See? Nova didn't even want to get out of bed today. ;)

I used 3 very thin coats for this manicure. On my pinky nail there are 4 coats so you can see the color difference if you decide to go an extra coat. Again, I love the formula of these polishes and I have no doubt this color will last for a week or more if I would let it!

Can you see the hint of pink sparkle? (Second nail in from the left!) If there is better sun tomorrow I will try to get you a better glimpse of the pink sparkle. (Has to be before I put on my next polish from Polish Yer Hooves though! I have two more to share! Be on the lookout for "It's My Present" and "Snowfall."

Currently, this polish is not available in Polish Yer Hooves' online shop but you never know for the future! In the meantime why don't you go check out some of her other gorgeous polish?! You can also give her a like on her Facebook page to follow updates. You never know when this one might become available again!

Stay tuned for more Polish Yer Hooves! Until next time my lovelies! <3

Friday, December 27, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves - sister cows!

A day late! So sorry! I ended up spending some more family time with out of state family and didn't get the post up yesterday!!

Leigh Anne from Polish Yer Hooves had a really awesome sale for her bloggers Black Friday weekend and I took her up on it and snatched up a few polishes so I could share with my lovelies!

If you love pink as much as me . . . you will LOVE these sister cow polishes! Unfortunately I only have 2 of the 3 that are available on her etsy page to show you.

First up is: Clover

I absolutely love this purplish pink holo polish. She is packed full of sparkle! The above picture is 2 coats.

Check out that gorgeous sparkle. <3 I was a huge barbie fan when I was younger and Clover really brings back some fun childhood memories! She has a fabulous formula just like Leigh Anne's other polishes I have reviewed. I loved this one sooo much that I kept Clover on my fingers for 4 days. (No chips!) I'm sure this beautiful polish would have lasted much longer but I wanted to get the other colors out for you to see as well. Sun shot!!!!!

Admit it. . . you want to go buy this one right now don't you? I'm pretty sure I see a full size bottle in my future!

Next up is: Rosie

Rosie is a super bright hot pink holo! So gorgeous! If you are tired of the vampy dark winter colors and need a break . . . absolutely go and buy this one!

The hot pink in this one was hard to capture with my camera. I used 3 coats with Rosie because I like a more opaque look, but she looks lovely with 2 coats as well!




The gorgeous just jumps out at you doesn't it? (I was not able to grab a sun shot with Rosie :( ).

Clover and Rosie are available on Leigh Anne's Etsy page along with their sister cow polish, Elsie for only $9 each. Of course as always if you choose to add a scent (which is always fun!) it is only 50 cents extra.

Until next time my lovelies!!!! :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mentality Flirt

Still chugging along on my ABC challenge. :) Although technically since I didn't show you the "E" polish that I put on last at the beginning of the week. . . I've already failed. ;) I did have it on though. I just did not really enjoy my "Wet and Wild - Eggplant Frost" very much. Anyway! On to my "F" polish!!

Some of you may remember me mentioning that a while back I won a giveaway from Mentality Polish where I got to choose 33 of their polishes. (Amazing right?) On the blog today I have one of the polishes that I chose from the giveaway. :)

I had quite a few "F" polishes to choose from, but I'm a pretty huge fan of Mentality Polish so I chose to share Mentality Flirt with you today.

Mentality Flirt is a gorgeous soft red holographic polish that can be found in the "Specialty Holo" section of the Mentality Big Cartel site along with many other amazingly gorgeous holo polishes. There are quite a few newer polishes added to this section and if you are a fan of holos you should definitely check them out! I know I have my eye on them.

Both photos above show a 2 coat application. Mentality Flirt dries to a semi gloss finish so you really don't need a topcoat. I put one on out of habit.

Above is Mentality Flirt in natural light, but the sun is not peeking out so I was not able to catch the holo. (Boo to winter and hiding the sun from me!) Trust me though, when the sun hits this baby. . . you will fall even more in love with it!

If you love Mentality Flirt as much as I do, you should definitely go buy it! It is only $8.50 and domestic shipping within the US is free. Who can beat that?! While you are on the Mentality Polish site be sure to check out their other polishes. All are reasonably priced and gorgeous.

Thank you as always for stopping by my Lovelies!! <3

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas nail art contest

The lovely Leigh Anne of Polish Yer Hooves has joined together with Nailshine Journey for a Christmas nail art contest! The theme? Your favorite Christmas Carol.

We all have our favorites! Use yours for your manicure inspiration. Rules are as follows: No stamping, stencils, stickers or tapes. Also, you must have it based on your favorite Christmas carol!! How fun does that sound?

You have to hurry though! Entries are only being accepted until December 21. Winners will be drawn December 23.

Here is my manicure. Can you guess what song inspired mine? :)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!!! :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Enchanted Polish- Dime Piece

With everything going on with Nova last week. . . I was a bad blogger and skipped my ABC challenge "D" week. So this week I will be doing my "D" polish and my "E" polish! :) Today on the blog we have a polish from the infamous brand Enchanted Polish. This polish was purchased with my own money (or should I say the hubby's ;) hehehe). I fell into the siren's call, but I came out alive and after a longgggg wait due to poor Chelsea's site crashing and a huge oversell. My precious polishes finally arrived this week. *Cue the angels' voices*

I was going to wait to use this gorgeous silver holo for New Year's Eve and you will see why in a minute, but I just could not wait!

Ladies. . . I give to you: Dime Piece

Isn't it the most gorgeous silver holo? Are the siren's calling for you now as well? Don't lie!

I did not grab a picture in the sun, so both of these photos are artificial light. If I can capture some sun tomorrow, I will post the picture on my facebook page.

If you have fallen in love with this gorgeous brand, be sure to go to Chelsea's site and sign up for her newsletter! She will send out a notice when her site will be restocked. Be warned though. . . they sell out fast!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Penguin Winter Nail art

So last night the girls and I had a "Moscato and Mani Night." I've hosted one similar before and it is always a blast.

I set up the kitchen table with a plastic Christmas table cloth and some yummy food/ polish remover supplies. All of our polish was set up in the other room for us to bring what colors we wanted into the kitchen. (There was a LOT of polish in the house last night ladies! Can you say heaven?)

Also, without telling any of the other girls, each of us got gifts for everyone. It was kind of silly that we all thought the same thing. :)

Here is the set up in the kitchen!

Here is what my lovelies got me. Aren't they the best?! Not pictured is the gifts I got them, but it had: a manicure kit, a Julep polish, and some ghirardelli chocolates!

Wait time between coats of polish is no problem when you have your girls to talk to while you wait!! We were polishing, eating and chatting from about 7 pm - 1:30 am! What a blast!!

I attempted some new nail art! The colors I used were: Chrome Girl - Worth the wait, Julep - Nina, Konad- white and black, Mentality- Gumdrop, and an off brand of silver polish that I got from Tjmaxx in the little girl section (it has no name but the bottle says "I love British Boys" and came as a set). Also incorporated into my design are rhinestones!

What do you think? :)

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas cookie nail art

As you know I had a little bit of a scare with Nova yesterday. Sorry I hadn't done a post. I figured I would share a little bit of nail art I did today.

What better to cheer you up then some cookies?


This was actually done pretty quickly today for a challenge in a group that I am a member in on facebook. (Nail Art Designs) None of the girls had posted a Christmas cookie mani for this week's challenge yet so I figured that I might get the ball rolling. :)

Have you started any Christmas baking yet? I know we have. :) Mint chocolate chip cookies (which are almost gone now!) I still have a few more planned to bake before Christmas. What about you?

Edit: Almost forgot! Polishes used are: Vapid Lacquer- quick dry top coat, Barielle - No not now, Gap- Hunter green, Konad red, Konad white and a Cosmo girl nail art paint.

Thank you for stopping by as always! :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Daphine Polish Holiday Swatch and review

Not too long ago Joanne at Daphine Polish asked for bloggers to email her their information because she was looking for some new people to swatch and review her new holiday line. I took a shot (being a new blogger) at emailing her (So happy I did!!!) and she said she would love to send me some polishes to review!

On the blog today are two polishes from Daphine Polish's holiday line. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

First up is Rosina Violet.

This polish is like a glitter explosion of beautiful different sized pink glitters in a clear base. It is named after the Rosina Violet, which is a delicate pink flower. I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous glitter topper. The glitter was very easy to apply and I did not have to fish around for glitter, as the brush pulled out a multitude!

I topped Rosina Violet over Gap- Kiss and Make up. I think the color combo looks beautiful. :) This glitter topper would look gorgeous over many different colors I'm sure. I can't wait to try it out on other polishes!

The second polish that was sent to me is: Poinsettia

Poinsettia, as stated on Daphine Polish's etsy page, is: "A bold Christmas red loose linear holographic polish."

This polish is so gorgeous! I'm really hoping for some sun tomorrow so I can capture some more of the holo. <3 The formula is fabulous and really only needs one coat. I put two coats on just from habit, but it honestly looked the same with just one coat. We all love one coaters!! :)

I have been searching for a perfect red polish (some red polishes don't fit me very well) and I think I can stop my search!

When I was in middle school . . . I played in the Orchestra and we always had a fundraiser around Christmas time where we would have to sell Poinsettias. This polish not only reminds me of those beautiful plants, but also helps me take a trip down memory lane!

Both of these polishes are 3- Free and can be purchased on Daphine Polish's etsy page. Joanne has sooooo many beautiful polishes besides both of these that you should go check out as well! Well??? What are you waiting for? GOOOOOOO!!! :)

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Until next time my lovelies!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowflake Stamping with Mentality Polish

Hello my lovelies!!!

Winter is swiftly approaching and I felt it appropriate to do a snowflake manicure. Unfortunately, it does not look like snow will be here for quite some time. Is there a snow dance I can do?

For the main color of my snowflake mani I used Julep Char (yes it is my Shop from your Stash "C" week!)

Such a beautiful blue color! This is actually one coat without topcoat. Can you believe it? LOVEEEE it! :)

Anyway, as you know from previous posts, I won the Mentality Polish giveaway of 33 polishes and I got to choose which ones I wanted. Some of the polishes I chose were from their stamping line. (I am a huge fan of stamping by the way! It is basically which started my obsession with nail polish!)

I have been itching to try them out!

For my snowflakes I used Mentality Polish- Alva and Joy. (Joy is not from their stamping line but worked wonderfully!)

I definitely recommend looking into the Mentality Polish line for stamping if you are looking for fabulous colors to choose from. Their stamping polishes are only $7.75 each, which is a great price compared to the tiny bottles that you get from Konad or other brands!

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Until next time my lovelies!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Northern Lights mani with Mentality Polish

Today on the blog we have some more nail art. I asked on my facebook page whether I should attempt a northern lights mani or something snow related. Most people said northern lights so here is my attempt!

I used Mentality polish and Shimmer Polish on this manicure.

Sly. . .

Gumdrop. . .

Sourball. . .

While not in love with my results. . . especially because cleanup was awful (and still not completely cleaned up) due to using the water marble method. I do love the colors.

What do you think? Does it remind you of the Aurora Borealis?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Nail Art

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)

If you have been keeping tabs on my facebook page, you got a sneak peek of the colors I used for my mani today. Nobody guessed right but that is ok!! :)

This is just a short blog post to show you my Thanksgiving manicure!


Nova is ready for Thanksgiving too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and fabulous time with your friends and family. Be safe today!! Oh and be safe tomorrow if you decide to brave Black Friday sales!! :)

I leave you with a song that I have been known to sing around this time of year...

"Gobble Gobble GObble
Fat turkey, fat turkey
Gobble Gobble Gobble
Fat turkey, I am!

I'm not here for living
I'm here for Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble Gobble
Fat turkey I am!"

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cupcake challenge

Yum Cupcakes!

So this week is the letter "B." If you have been following me on facebook or instagram, chances are you already saw what I posted for my "B" mani.

I used Mentality Bon Bon.

I really love this color and the beautiful holo in it. However, the sun was not cooperating with me so I only have photos with artificial light for you today.

I have been in a group on Facebook called Nail Art Designs and have not participated in the nail art challenges up until now. . . This week is the Cupcake Challenge and I could not resist!

I took to Pinterest for a little bit of inspiration and figured out my plan of action.

Below are all of the colors I used in the challenge.

All of the polishes in this picture were won from giveaways I entered. :) Pretty colors aren't they?

Anyway, if you know me and know my nail art. . . I almost always have to incorporate rhinestones somewhere. So not only were those polishes used, but also my beloved rhinestones along with new nail art brushes and super fun dotting tools.

Here are my results. . .

This is no flash and in bathroom lighting.

No flash and in regular room lighting. . .

The following pictures are with flash. :) Sorry! It was snowy and not sunny today so flash it is!

I'm so in love with these colors and how my cupcakes turned out. What do you think?

Here is a shot with my new favorite topcoat! You can order it here ----> Click!

I'd love to see your take on cupcake manis! You can post them to my wall on my Facebook page here. ---> Click

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers

Yay lip stuff! :)

Remember when I said I would include non polish posts every once in a while? Well here is my first one!

My dear mother sent me these lovelies in the mail and I just got them yesterday.

I was pretty excited to receive them because I LOVE lip gloss that smells yummy. I did a few swatches for you.

First up is Caramel Apple Splash:

Caramel Apple Splash had a slight caramel color to it and on your lips it looked more of a nude to almost transparent shimmer. I did not catch any apple smell to it and I'm not entirely sure it smelled like caramel (definitely didn't knock you over with caramel smell), but it was pleasant and almost candyish.

Next up is Lychee Splash:

On my skin it is very pink but on your lips it is much more subtle.
As for the smell... I will admit I have no idea what a Lychee was or what it would smell like. So I looked it up! <HERE>
It does have a very sweet smell and reminds me almost of fruit snacks.

Lastly we have Raspberry Splash:

This showed up a reddish pink color on my arm and was the least subtle on my lips with a very pretty tint. I think this one is my favorite in color.
The smell again smelled more like candy to me than raspberry.

Each lip gloss left my lips feeling very smooth and they didn't seem to have a very sticky surface when I smacked my lips together. I don't think I would however trust the wind to not blow my hair onto them and get my hair stuck. (That is one of my pet peeves!)

You can find these lip glosses at your local Walgreen's (and I'm sure many other stores!) if you would like to try them out for yourself.

Other smells include:

- Berry Splash
- Watermelon Splash
- Cranberry Splash
- Guava Splash
- Papaya Splash
- Plum Splash
- Fig Splash
- Strawberry Splash
-Blackberry Splash

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mentality - Altered, Sly and Joy :)

Still feeling a little under the weather but I could not wait any longer to share my Mentality mani with you! The group of girls and I have started a new weekly mani challenge called "Shop Your Stash." We have to wear an untried polish from our stash that starts with the letter of the alphabet. This week being the first week = A.

I had just received a large amount of polish from winning a giveaway on the Mentality Polish facebook page so I knew I had to have a polish that started with the letter "A" in the package somewhere.

Introducing . . . Altered!

As stated on the Mentality big cartel page, "Altered is a blackened dark blue holographic nail polish. Dries to a semi gloss finish."

My photograph shows Altered with a top coat. I was not able to get a sun shot since the weather has been pretty gloomy here.

I did however team Altered up with a few other Mentality Polishes that I also won in the giveaway. Polishes include: Sly and Joy.

Please note that the following pictures are my first attempt at a waterfall mani. I am not super impressed with my skills or my new skinny brush that I bought off amazon...

BUT. . . I do absolutely LOVE all of the colors included on my mani. :)

A little bit of different lighting to catch some sparkle! :)

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Friday, November 15, 2013

I miss you cupcakes :)

On the blog tonight we have a polish from a new line by Vapid Lacquer/ Smelly Goods & Pretties. This is her new Invader Zim line of glitter holo toppers which will be released in her next restock but in the mean time you can go check out her current polishes and a few other products here ---> Click

Colors are as follows:

Black - "DOOOOM"
Green- "Leprechauns!"
Blue- "Tacos"
Silver- "Yay!"
Magenta- "I miss you Cupcakes"

She also has one that is all of the colors mixed together which she named "S'plodey."

I won a glitter holo topper of my choice from this new line off of the Smelly Goods & Pretties Facebook page and when she found out that I was a blogger she asked if I would review the polish I won. She even threw her quick dry top coat.

I finally decided that I absolutely needed the magenta glitter holo topper. I mean seriously? It's pink and the name is super cute!!

Originally, I had paired this polish with Julep Brit because I thought it would go well with a dark color. It did and BOY was the top coat true to it's name!!! By the time I was done applying to my second set of nails. . . my first set was dry to the touch. I gave both a couple of more minutes and then did the unthinkable. . .





I switched the laundry.

You are expecting a horror story right? Wrong! PERFECTION!!! My nails were still perfect!

Are you kidding me? That never happens!

Unfortunately since it was so late I did not grab any good pictures and the next day the hubby had me help install shower doors .. . let's just say caulk and pretty nails do not mix.

So I did what any girl would do. . . got new ideas from my girls and repainted!! This time I paired the "I miss you Cupcakes" with "Joy" by Mentality Polish (won in a recent giveaway also! Be on the look out for an abundance of Mentality manis in the future!) :)

I tried my had at my first glitter gradient mani. What do you think?

Such a cute bottle isn't it? Did I mention that I love minis?

This gorgeous glitter topper was super easy to apply and the brush really grabbed a ton of glitter so there was not really a need to apply over and over and over like many glitter polishes out there.

Here are a couple of shots in the sunlight. I was not able to catch the whole holo effect in the way I wanted to but hopefully tomorrow I will get a better picture. Be on the lookout on my Facebook page for an updated picture!! :)

I love it! I might need to grab a few other colors in the restock. How about you? I have my eyes on "Tacos." I mean come on! Tacos? LOVE IT!

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