Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowflake Stamping with Mentality Polish

Hello my lovelies!!!

Winter is swiftly approaching and I felt it appropriate to do a snowflake manicure. Unfortunately, it does not look like snow will be here for quite some time. Is there a snow dance I can do?

For the main color of my snowflake mani I used Julep Char (yes it is my Shop from your Stash "C" week!)

Such a beautiful blue color! This is actually one coat without topcoat. Can you believe it? LOVEEEE it! :)

Anyway, as you know from previous posts, I won the Mentality Polish giveaway of 33 polishes and I got to choose which ones I wanted. Some of the polishes I chose were from their stamping line. (I am a huge fan of stamping by the way! It is basically which started my obsession with nail polish!)

I have been itching to try them out!

For my snowflakes I used Mentality Polish- Alva and Joy. (Joy is not from their stamping line but worked wonderfully!)

I definitely recommend looking into the Mentality Polish line for stamping if you are looking for fabulous colors to choose from. Their stamping polishes are only $7.75 each, which is a great price compared to the tiny bottles that you get from Konad or other brands!

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Until next time my lovelies!!


  1. This is so beautiful!!!! I can't believe how shiny that blue is without top coat. I've been wanting to try Julep for a while, but wasn't too sure about it. Now I am! And girl... I'm a stamping fanatic too! :)

    1. I'm not a maven but am part of a Julep swap group on FB. (They swap things other than Julep too). You should check it out. That is where I've gotten all of my Juleps!