Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Enchanted Polish- Dime Piece

With everything going on with Nova last week. . . I was a bad blogger and skipped my ABC challenge "D" week. So this week I will be doing my "D" polish and my "E" polish! :) Today on the blog we have a polish from the infamous brand Enchanted Polish. This polish was purchased with my own money (or should I say the hubby's ;) hehehe). I fell into the siren's call, but I came out alive and after a longgggg wait due to poor Chelsea's site crashing and a huge oversell. My precious polishes finally arrived this week. *Cue the angels' voices*

I was going to wait to use this gorgeous silver holo for New Year's Eve and you will see why in a minute, but I just could not wait!

Ladies. . . I give to you: Dime Piece

Isn't it the most gorgeous silver holo? Are the siren's calling for you now as well? Don't lie!

I did not grab a picture in the sun, so both of these photos are artificial light. If I can capture some sun tomorrow, I will post the picture on my facebook page.

If you have fallen in love with this gorgeous brand, be sure to go to Chelsea's site and sign up for her newsletter! She will send out a notice when her site will be restocked. Be warned though. . . they sell out fast!!