Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cuta Vita advanced revitalizing cream review and giveaway!

This advanced revitalizing cream was sent to me for my honest review through the tomoson website by Cutis Vita. Let me tell you. . . it has come just in time! I have been suffering from dry skin for as long as I can remember. It has been even worse this year in my new classroom. (I think it's the chalk from the chalkboards). This is one reason you haven't seen too many nail polish posts from me this year. My hands are just so dry!

Once I saw this promotion I knew I had to apply, try and get word out to you all! Shipping is amazingly fast and the product does not disappoint either.

This is the advanced revitalizing cream from Cutis Vita. It has been a heaven sent recently. I was sent the 4 oz size but it also comes in an 8 or 2 oz container. A little bit goes a long way with this product, so if you are unsure at first . . . a 2 oz size would be a great start. I think you'll end up wanting a bigger size though because it is AMAZING!

Just look at the creamy-ness!

One great thing about this product is: it does not contain any harmful chemicals! I am all about putting as little chemical on my skin as possible. I love all things natural/organic etc.

Here is a little bit of information taken from the Cutis Vita website:

Cutis Vita contains approximately 65% pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller leaf juice. Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been found to help with the following conditions:
rasharthritisathlete’s foot
canker sores
chapped lips
chapped skin
chemical burns
chemical peel
cold sores
cradle cap
diaper rash
fever blisters
fungal infection
insect bites
itching skin
poison ivy
radiation burns
ring worm
sore muscles
stretch marks
varicose veins
very dry skin
wind burn
and many more

I don't know about you but that sounds like this product is worse it's money!

I used mine mostly on my hands and dry spots on my arms (those spots need to leave before tank top season!!)

This product is available for purchase on the Cutis Vita website.

** 8 oz jar = $34.95
** 4 oz jar = $20.97
** 2 oz jar = $14.22

Enter for your chance to win!

**One winner will be randomly selected. Contest available to U.S. residents 18 and older. This giveaway is provided by the Cutis Vita company.**

Monday, April 6, 2015

Imbue Naturals VItamin C Serum

I have a very nice vitamin C serum provided for review from Tomoson.com for no cost for my honest opinion. I completely forgot that I needed to post this the other day. It's been very busy in this household (selling our house, first year teaching etc).

As you know from previous posts, I am a huge fan of vitamin C serums and use them in my daily skin care routine. I don't know how I went a day without them before last year!

This is the Imbue Naturals Organic Recipe 20% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E + Amino Complex serum. You can purchase it on amazon.com for $20.95 with Prime shipping. This is a very comparable price to other vitamin C serum brands.

It has a nice pump to help apply the serum. Only 1 pump will have you on your way to radiant beautiful skin, faded age spots/scars/wrinkles. It makes your face feel firm! I love that feeling.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

AirComfy Travel Pillow review

Going on a trip soon? It is spring break time. If you are like me and get a little antsy in the passenger seat because it isn't always quite comfortable, then you might enjoy this product I have to share with you today. I was sent an AirComfy Travel Pillow through the Tomoson website for my honest review. I'm pretty excited to share it with you because this is right up my alley!

The AirComfy Travel Pillow comes in a nifty little carrying bag. It fits in there quite snug so I'm wondering if I'll be able to get it back in. I'm sure with a little work I'll do fine.

Here it is out of the bag and not inflated yet. (You can see the air valve). This is a great for carrying onto a plane. It doesn't take up much space and you can pull it out and inflate when you are ready! It is supposed to self inflate within seconds once you turn the nozzle to open. Maybe mine sat in the bag too long. I had to blow into the nozzle. It was quite quick and easy though, so no complaints.

This design allows for full neck support without making you feel claustrophobic like it's competitors whose sides encroach on your face. The material is also easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth! Above is how the pillow looks fully inflated.

Worried about the pillow slipping while you snooze in the car? Don't worry, they thought about that as well!

Straps on the back of the pillow allow for you to strap the pillow to the head rest of your choice. :)

I don't know about you. . . but this pillow gives me more ideas. I think I might use it for a bubble bath pillow when I'm not traveling. HA!

If you are interested in purchasing this product you can purchase it on Amazon for only $19.99! (PLUS PRIME!)

For more information about the AirComfy Travel Pillow, check out their website.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts

Getting ready to sell a house is a lot of stress and a lot of work. The past 2 weeks have been super busy that between work and getting ready to list our house at home, we've hardly had time to ourselves. This is why I am so thankful for having received Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts from Adovia and Tomoson to review for you! Talk about relaxing!!!

These bath salts are a fine grain to help with faster dissolving time. They are also packaged in a resealable bag.

The bath salts are said to provide relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. While I do not having any of these symptoms I did highly benefit from soaking in a nice hot bath with these. My skin was left feeling silky smooth and I was relaxed and ready for another day.

With the price of a 1.75 lb bag only being $11.95 through amazon, how can you say no!? (Especially if you have PRIME!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peppermint Essential Oil Review/Giveaway

If you remember from my last blog post I mentioned that I've been playing around recently with some essential oils. One of the scents I've been working with is this Peppermint Essential Oil by La Lune Naturals.

This is a 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oil. It's packaged in the United States and the company adds no fillers/additives. Shipping is fast especially if you order through Amazon Prime. You can also order directly from their website: La Lune Naturals.

You get a 4 fluid ounce glass bottle with a high quality glass dropper. The company also emails you a PDF of different ways you can use your peppermint oil.

I used mine in a few ways. #1: soaked it into some bath salts to enjoy a nice relaxing bath. We are getting ready to sell our house and it can be quite hectic. This peppermint oil was a nice addition.

The second way I used my peppermint oil was something I had been wanting to try for quite a while. I put a few drops onto the inside of oil toilet paper rolls, letting it soak into the cardboard. Every time someone uses the toilet paper our bathroom smells amazingly minty! (Please note to only add a drop or two. . . if the oils soak through to the toilet paper it may cause irritation. . . remember it is 100% therapeutic grade).

Want one of your own? It is available on Amazon for only $14.99 or you can try to win through a contest on my facebook page!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lemon Essential Oil Review

I've been playing around recently with some essential oils. One of the scents I've been working with is this Lemon Essential Oil by Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals.

This is a 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oil. Meaning, you should mix it with some carrier oils if you plan on using it anywhere near your skin. For the purposes of this review however, I stuck to non-skin contact.

One of the things I tried out was adding a little scent booster to some potpourri that had needed a little help due to faded smell.

This worked fabulously and made my whole house smell like lemon. Be advised to only use a few drops though. They go a long way and are pretty potent! Smelled nice and "clean" though!

I also dropped a few drops into my garbage disposal to freshen it up.

There are many other uses you can use this essential oil for: cleaning, mixing in with bath salts, soap making etc. The possibilities are endless!

This company ships fast and you can order through Amazon. If you have Prime . . . even better!! This product is currently marked down to $14.50 so grab it while you can! :)