Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lemon Essential Oil Review

I've been playing around recently with some essential oils. One of the scents I've been working with is this Lemon Essential Oil by Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals.

This is a 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oil. Meaning, you should mix it with some carrier oils if you plan on using it anywhere near your skin. For the purposes of this review however, I stuck to non-skin contact.

One of the things I tried out was adding a little scent booster to some potpourri that had needed a little help due to faded smell.

This worked fabulously and made my whole house smell like lemon. Be advised to only use a few drops though. They go a long way and are pretty potent! Smelled nice and "clean" though!

I also dropped a few drops into my garbage disposal to freshen it up.

There are many other uses you can use this essential oil for: cleaning, mixing in with bath salts, soap making etc. The possibilities are endless!

This company ships fast and you can order through Amazon. If you have Prime . . . even better!! This product is currently marked down to $14.50 so grab it while you can! :)

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