Friday, November 15, 2013

I miss you cupcakes :)

On the blog tonight we have a polish from a new line by Vapid Lacquer/ Smelly Goods & Pretties. This is her new Invader Zim line of glitter holo toppers which will be released in her next restock but in the mean time you can go check out her current polishes and a few other products here ---> Click

Colors are as follows:

Black - "DOOOOM"
Green- "Leprechauns!"
Blue- "Tacos"
Silver- "Yay!"
Magenta- "I miss you Cupcakes"

She also has one that is all of the colors mixed together which she named "S'plodey."

I won a glitter holo topper of my choice from this new line off of the Smelly Goods & Pretties Facebook page and when she found out that I was a blogger she asked if I would review the polish I won. She even threw her quick dry top coat.

I finally decided that I absolutely needed the magenta glitter holo topper. I mean seriously? It's pink and the name is super cute!!

Originally, I had paired this polish with Julep Brit because I thought it would go well with a dark color. It did and BOY was the top coat true to it's name!!! By the time I was done applying to my second set of nails. . . my first set was dry to the touch. I gave both a couple of more minutes and then did the unthinkable. . .





I switched the laundry.

You are expecting a horror story right? Wrong! PERFECTION!!! My nails were still perfect!

Are you kidding me? That never happens!

Unfortunately since it was so late I did not grab any good pictures and the next day the hubby had me help install shower doors .. . let's just say caulk and pretty nails do not mix.

So I did what any girl would do. . . got new ideas from my girls and repainted!! This time I paired the "I miss you Cupcakes" with "Joy" by Mentality Polish (won in a recent giveaway also! Be on the look out for an abundance of Mentality manis in the future!) :)

I tried my had at my first glitter gradient mani. What do you think?

Such a cute bottle isn't it? Did I mention that I love minis?

This gorgeous glitter topper was super easy to apply and the brush really grabbed a ton of glitter so there was not really a need to apply over and over and over like many glitter polishes out there.

Here are a couple of shots in the sunlight. I was not able to catch the whole holo effect in the way I wanted to but hopefully tomorrow I will get a better picture. Be on the lookout on my Facebook page for an updated picture!! :)

I love it! I might need to grab a few other colors in the restock. How about you? I have my eyes on "Tacos." I mean come on! Tacos? LOVE IT!

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