Saturday, November 23, 2013

Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers

Yay lip stuff! :)

Remember when I said I would include non polish posts every once in a while? Well here is my first one!

My dear mother sent me these lovelies in the mail and I just got them yesterday.

I was pretty excited to receive them because I LOVE lip gloss that smells yummy. I did a few swatches for you.

First up is Caramel Apple Splash:

Caramel Apple Splash had a slight caramel color to it and on your lips it looked more of a nude to almost transparent shimmer. I did not catch any apple smell to it and I'm not entirely sure it smelled like caramel (definitely didn't knock you over with caramel smell), but it was pleasant and almost candyish.

Next up is Lychee Splash:

On my skin it is very pink but on your lips it is much more subtle.
As for the smell... I will admit I have no idea what a Lychee was or what it would smell like. So I looked it up! <HERE>
It does have a very sweet smell and reminds me almost of fruit snacks.

Lastly we have Raspberry Splash:

This showed up a reddish pink color on my arm and was the least subtle on my lips with a very pretty tint. I think this one is my favorite in color.
The smell again smelled more like candy to me than raspberry.

Each lip gloss left my lips feeling very smooth and they didn't seem to have a very sticky surface when I smacked my lips together. I don't think I would however trust the wind to not blow my hair onto them and get my hair stuck. (That is one of my pet peeves!)

You can find these lip glosses at your local Walgreen's (and I'm sure many other stores!) if you would like to try them out for yourself.

Other smells include:

- Berry Splash
- Watermelon Splash
- Cranberry Splash
- Guava Splash
- Papaya Splash
- Plum Splash
- Fig Splash
- Strawberry Splash
-Blackberry Splash

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