Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Grape Stomp

Caution: the polish in this blog post may cause high heart rates, distraction from EVERYTHING and will most likely cause the reader to slip and fall in LOVE with it!

You have been warned! ;)

I used one of Smelly Goods & Pretties/Vapid Lacquers' amazing sale codes during a restock to purchase this gorgeous . . . no MAJESTIC beauty. I could not resist. Need reasons?

1. It is purple.
2. It is HOLO!
3. The name is Grape Stomp and I love wine, so how could I not?
4. It is HOLO! (Oh did I already mention that?)

Plus so many other reasons but now I'm just blabbing on too long and you are wondering where the pictures are!

Grape Stomp is a purple jelly polish that is packed (literally!!) full of linear HOLO (wooohooo *dances*) Although I haven't had the pleasure to see Grape Stomp in the sun, I believe the polish description when it says "This polish GLOWS in the sun!" You will see why later on in my post!

Grape Stomp is a 4 Free (no toloune, DBPs, formaldehyde or Camphor), and Cruelty Free polish.

I used 2 coats of polish to achieve this look and topped it with Vapid Lacquers' Quick Dry Top Coat! Coverage is great and dries so smooth and quick! It is no secret that I am in love with every polish that comes from Krys' brand. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This one did not disappoint either!

Ok, so unfortunately I was not blessed with a sunny day today. (It was rainy and cloudy and a very gloomy day). I thought I would have to use flash to show you the gorgeous holo that is packed in Grape Stomp, but all I needed was to stand under my bedroom light. :)

Are you ready? Remember I said you might fall in love. . . You have been warned. ;)

Are you sure you are ready?


WOWZA! I am so excited to see Grape Stomp in the sun! (Tomorrow's forecast says mostly sunny!!!!) I will post a sun shot on my Facebook if the sun cooperates!

Grape Stomp is available for purchase on the Vapid Lacquer bigcartel site for only $9.50!

P.S. From now until midnight tonight there is a code for 30% off because Krys is celebrating an anniversary today with her hubby! Code is: 319HAPPYDAY