Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gothic Gala Lacquers Somethings F*cky

Tonight on the blog I have another polish from Gothic Gala Lacquers to show you! I had been drooling over this gorgeous teal holo for months and finally took plunge and bought it. Friday I had a get together with my girls (Dirty Bingo Party) and I felt the name of this beauty to be quite appropriate to our silly theme. :) (You will see why towards the end of the post!)

This is Somethings F*cky. Somethings F*cky is a linear holo is a teal creme base. The formula is great. It goes on smooth and dries pretty quick. I used only 2 coats to achieve this look. Again, as in previous posts about Gothic Gala Lacquers, I really love the shape of the bottle and the long wand!

I was able to catch a sun shot! Check out that holo! I love it!

Above is a shot using flash for comparison. :) So sparkly!

If you are a fan of holo and teal colors like me, then you should go check out the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy page and take the plunge too! It is only $8.50 which is quite the bargain compared to some brands that charge up towards $12-15 for the same quality of polish.

Now if you were wondering what a Dirty Bingo Party entails. . . here you go!

Every girl you invite should bring a wrapped gift. Either naughty or nice. I wrapped my gift in the LUSH bag. Just FYI it wasn't from LUSH. ;)

Then you play bingo. (My friend Heather made a beautiful bingo chip masterpiece for you to see!) Whoever wins gets to open a gift. The next person can either steal the gift or open a new one. Anyway. . . this night is sure to have lots of laughter! It is always a blast. :)

If you are wondering what I won. . .

Pretty impressive for a wine stopper eh? ;)

Until next time my lovelies!!!!!

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