Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aurora Lacquers swatch and review

***Press Sample***

I am really excited to share a new indie polish brand with you today, Aurora Lacquers. This mother/daughter combo sent me 4 of their new polishes to swatch and review/share with you!

My Fair Lily

My Fair Lily is pale creme polish. Very pale. It's hard to pick up on the pink with a camera but it is there! This is a 5-Free polish. (LOVE this about indies!)

This polish applied very well, only needing 2 thin coats to achieve this look. It is not normally something I would personally go for as a mani by itself, but it is awesome in my opinion for undies and nail art! (Again, just my personal color preference, nothing against the polish. It is lovely. :) )

Poppy Parade

Poppy Parade is a really fun glitter topper that has a pink shimmer to it. Glitters are pink and purple flower shaped and purple, pink and yellow tiny circle shapes. Fun all around! This is also a 5-Free polish. :) I topped Poppy Parade over My Fair Lily.

The shimmer in Poppy Parade was hard to capture with my camera but I was in awe of my fun nails the whole day I had this on! Application was . . . ok. I had no problem pulling base and shimmer out with the polish brush, but had to fish a bit for the glitters. I chalked part of it up to my using a mini bottle. The end result was worth it though and I completely recommend adding this cutie to your collection!

Bunny Grass Pink

Bunny Grass Pink is one of my favorites from these 4 polishes! It is a LIMITED EDITION pink iridescent jelly glitter which is also 5-Free.

With Flash:

So gorgeous! I fell in love right away! Application was amazing and only needed 1 coat of polish to achieve this look!

Easter Grass Green

Easter Grass Green was another one of my favorites! Easter Grass Green is a LIMITED EDITION lime green iridescent jelly glitter. Like the other Aurora Lacquers polishes it is also 5-free!

With Flash:

Easter Grass Green applied like a dream and I fell in love with it straight away. This is only 1 coat of polish! Dry time is great as well.

I was very impressed with these 4 polishes and can't wait to see what else the mother/daughter combo at Aurora Lacquers has up their sleeves! Check out some of their other amazing polishes on their online shop!


  1. I really like all of the different looks you did with the polishes! I'm excited to check Aurora out :)


  2. Oh wow! So pretty. LOVE all these colors and how you showed them!

  3. I love the Poppy Parade one- it looks like confetti! Very pretty.

  4. Those are pretty! I love the white/pink solid color :)