Friday, April 4, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish swatch and review

A little while back I applied to swatch and review some polish from Aly's Dream Polish. I was so surprised and excited when I received a blogger pack in the mail!! (Sent to me for an honest review) :)

Aly sent me 3 lovely holographic polishes: Browncoats, Cherry Blossom Pink and Vivid Violet

(Please note the above picture was taken with flash. Polishes from left to right are: Browncoats, Vivid Violet and Cherry Blossom Pink).


Browncoats is a brown holographic polish. It is also a 4-Free polish that is made from cruelty free materials! (I LOVE this about indie nail polish!) The above picture is without topcoat, however still has awesome shine!

I am super impressed by the quality of Browncoats! The formula is great and I only needed 2 coats to achieve this look. (You could get away with only one coat though!) Dry time was fairly quick as well.

I caught a sun shot!

Check out that sparkle! LOVE IT!

Cherry Blossom Pink:

Cherry Blossom Pink is a soft pink holographic polish. It is also 4-Free and made with cruelty free materials.

I was able to caught many sun shots with this beauty!

Cherry Blossom Pink is such a gorgeous color! The quality is excellent just like Browncoats. I used only 2 coats of polish to achieve this look. (However, you can get away with one coat with this one. Same with Browncoats). Dry time was fabulous. I am a huge fan of fast drying polish.

Cherry Blossom Pink is a great color if you are feeling like having some sparkle but want to be a bit subtle. I'm stashing this with my interview polishes! ;)

Vivid Violet:

Vivid Violet is an absolutely gorgeous holographic violet polish. Completely true to it's name as it is a very vivid violet color! This beauty is also a 4-Free and cruelty free polish. I used 2 coats of polish to achieve this look. (Again, you can get away with one coat on this beauty as well!)

I immediately fell in love with this one! I have to say that this color is my favorite of the three (BUT I am in LOVE with all three. Had Aly not sent to them me I would have surely have bought them myself!)

I was really hoping for some sun with this last one. (Such a tragedy that it decided to hide the past few days). So I was forced to take a picture with flash. I will have an updated photo on my Facebook page as we are supposed to have sun tomorrow!

Fantastic! I am already staring at my nails and I can only imagine how GORGEOUS they will look in the sun! (Oh please, oh please, oh please come out to play tomorrow Mr. Sun!)

I am super impressed with the quality of Aly's Dream Polish! I can see what all the hype is about now. You can rest assure she has earned a lifetime customer in me!
Each of these polishes can be purchased on the website Aly's Dream Polish for only $12 a bottle. Be prepared to drool when you visit the website! There is so much holo-y goodness on it!

For updates on polishes and news from Aly's Dream Polish check out the following links!
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