Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gothic Gala Lacquers Rose and the Dalek and Floor 500

Tonight on the blog I have a few polishes from a wonderful brand called Gothic Gala Lacquers. I acquired these beauties through a giveaway she was having on her Facebook page. Lucky me!!! :)

The first thing that I noticed and love about this brand is the unique bottles. I love the long slender handle. I believe the bottle really fits the brand's name well. It reminds me of a corset! Would you agree?

This is Floor 500. It is a black base polish with a purple shimmer/shift to it. Inside it looks very black but out in the sun. . . magic. <3 I was in love with this polish already but as soon as it hit the light. . . I fell harder.

I acheived this look with 2 thin coats. If you polish your nails a little thicker then I would say you could probably get away with applying only 1 coat.

Unfortunately, I looked in the etsy store for Floor 500 and did not find this polish listed anymore and I'm not sure if it will be listed again.
:( I consider myself very fortunate to own it!

The next polish however, is available on the Gothic Gala Lacquers etsy site!!

OMG again with this beautiful bottle!

This is Rose & the Dalek.

Rose & the Dalek is a lovely pink base with rose and gold micro glitters, large red hexes and raspberry dots. Later in my sun shot it seems to have a hint of holo to it as well. (You will spy it in the bottle!)

This look was achieved with 2 coats. I will say that I did have to spend a little bit of time fishing for some of he bigger glitters. However, the smaller glitters were no problem and the brush pulled plenty of those out! :)

I really love the pink color to this polish.

Sadly, this was the best sun shot I could grab this morning on the way to work (and the sun wouldn't cooperate afterwards!) You can see a hint of holo on the bottle. The polish really sparkles in the sun. I'm sorry that I couldn't capture it in my rush out the door!

I smoothed over the glitter with a top coat from Gothic Gala Lacquers called "Smooth Me Over." What a cute name!! I did not see this in the store either but if it ever comes available I recommend buying it!

As I said, Rose & the Dalek were the only polishes from this review which I found available on the Gothic Gala Lacquers etsy site currently. If you are a glitter fan you should go buy this beauty. It is only $8.50! While you are there take a minute to shop around and check out some of the other polishes Gothic Gala has to offer. You will not be disappointed! :)


  1. Smooth Me Over is available. Floor 500 was an LE but fret not it will be making a come back!

    Thank you for the awesome review!!!!

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