Monday, February 10, 2014

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Party

About a week ago I received an email from Victoria's Secret about a Bombshell party. The email stated to RSVP for an after hours party with a live DJ, sensual hand massages, free perfume samples and chances to win prizes. I immediately messaged my friend Rebekah to see if she was up for joining me.

The day finally arrived and Rebekah and I drove out to the party wearing our cute outfits and wondering what to expect.

Aren't we so super cute? The store was a lot less packed then we thought it would be. . . the DJ wasn't that loud but he was there. Although. . . where were the sensual hand massages? False advertising! ;)

Cute little set up! Water bottles just in case you got thirsty. If you spent $75 or more you got a free box of chocolates. ;)

Then of course there were chocolates set out for free anyway! Yum!

We were slightly bored of walking around in circles in the store, so while waiting for them to call the raffle prizes we goofed off a little.

Ok so maybe a lot. . . ;)

Kisses!!! oOo lala ;)

Rebekah's "Good luck Birthday Fairy" came early this month and she won these fun prizes (total worth about a $200)!!!!

Isn't she so cute!? Looks very comfy! Super jelly but happy for her! :)

I ended up buying 2 pairs of yoga pants and some dry shampoo. This was more than $75, so I got free chocolates too!

Bahaha what a tease! Cute packaging thought right?


All in all, it was a fun Sunday with one of my besties! :) <3

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