Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ruby White Tips Bat Packers Unite!!!

I am part of a wonderful group of Ruby White Tips lovers and we call ourselves the "Bat Pack." If you are familiar with Laura's polishes of Ruby White Tips you know that a lot of the sales profits go to Bat World Sanctuary. Pretty awesome right?

Well we all got together and had a nail art competition where we all came up with bat manis! One of the rules was that you of course had to use a RWT polish as the main color. It was really cool to see what everyone came up with.

I used Ruby White Tips- Murder House from the American Horror Story line as my main background color. It reminds me so much of the night sky.

Murder House is a gorgeous midnight blue with a red shimmer to it. (It was a sneaky little bugger to photograph, but super beautiful). You can find my whole review of this beautiful polish here. Murder House is available for purchase for $9.75 on the Ruby White Tips etsy page.

Here is what I came up with for my bat mani:

Polishes used in this mani are:

Ruby White Tips- Murder House
Konad stamping polish - black
Konad stamping polish - white
Julep - Daisy

I also added in some cute bat stickers.

Check out my friend and fellow blogger: Lady Maid Nails' website for her version of a bat pack mani using RWT Kim as a base color. :) It is gorgeous!!

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