Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ruby White Tips Ashley Rose

If you remember a while back Ruby White Tips had an imagine the polish of your dreams contest and my idea was chosen. Well, so was a fellow blogger Potions in Motion's idea! Anyway, Laura made both of our ideas and I could no resist this gorgeous polish that Ashley thought up! Naturally I had to make it part of my collection.

This is Ashley Rose.

Ashley Rose is a LE (Limited Edition) thermal polish which shifts from purple to blue with heat and also has holographic glitter. (Sorry no sun shots today due to fog and rain and slush everywhere! On the plus side I got to wear my fun rain boots!!!)

Ashley Rose goes on very very sheer. To achieve this look I had to use 4 coats. Which actually wasn't too bad because it dries fairly fast. Another plus to how sheer Ashley Rose goes on is: you can pick how opaque you want to make it look. If you are going for a more subtle and sheer look then polish with less coats.

It really is a delicate and lovely color!

Ashley Rose is a 5 free polish and is also vegan. Laura states in the listing for Ashley Rose that the manufacturer of the thermal pigment says the thermal shift does have a shelf life of one year though. (I believe this is standard for most thermals!) So just be warned that if you plan on wearing it a couple of years down the road. . . it may not shift. The delicate purple is gorgeous anyway!

I love this color so much, I'm sure mine won't last the whole year.

Here Ashley Rose is with the full shift to blue. Both shades this polish transforms to are absolutely gorgeous. I had a blast playing in the water with this polish. Check out my Facebook page for a video of the shift in action!

Let me state again. . . Ashley Rose is a LE polish! If you are interested in purchasing this polish I suggest you go buy it before it is too late! :) It is available on the Ruby White Tips Etsy page for only $10 for a full bottle. GO GO GOOOO :)

P.S. While you are there take a look around at some of the other gorgeous polishes that Ruby White Tips has to offer!

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