Sunday, February 2, 2014

La Bella Vernice - Feeling Romantic

I recently purchased a few polishes from my friend Roni over at La Bella Vernice after having drooled over a few for quite some time. Having never tried any thermal polishes I chose two from La Bella Vernice's Mood Swing collection! Look at the super sweet packaging they came in!!

Today on the blog is Feeling Romantic.

Feeling Romantic starts off as a lovely bright pink color and if exposed to the cold will shift to a deep purple. Not only does it have an amazing thermal color change, but it is also a holographic polish (which we all know I LOVEEEE)!

I got lucky and had a little bit of sun today so I could catch some of the holo in pictures! Feeling Romantic's formula is 3-free so it doesn't contain some of those nasty chemicals a lot of mainstream polishes do. I applied 3 coats for a more opaque look but if you want to go for a slightly sheerer look you can use less coats. I think it would look lovely either way.

Look at the beautiful many faces of Feeling Romantic. I could play with this polish in the water all day! (Or outside, but let's face it . . . it's COLD out there!)

Here is a fun video I took where you can see the color changing in action! ---> Click

Tell me that isn't amazing!?

Below are a few pictures I snapped while taking Nova outside. You can really see the transition!

Last night we were watching a movie and I was completely amazed by my color changing nails as I was sitting there. Mmmmhmmm it's cold in my house! ;)

You can purchase Feeling Romantic on the La Bella Vernice website for $10 for a full size or if you prefer a mini $4.50. :)

I recommend going to check them out!! They are a LOT of fun.

Be on the look out for my next post with La Bella Vernice - Feeling Shameless!

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