Monday, January 20, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Trophy Wife and Hallucinations Swatch/Review

Today on the blog I have two more polishes that Kristen from Vapid Lacquer (also the owner of Smelly Goods & Pretties) sent me to review! I am so excited to show you these polishes.

Two reasons:

1. They are amazeballs!
2. The sun came out to play for one of them and I was soooooooo very ecstatic.

Let me first start by saying. . . I LOVE the formula of both polishes. I used two coats on each but as I have said before. . . you really only need one with how pigmented the polishes are.

First up: Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife is a burnt reddish colored polish and is packed full of holo. (You know how much I love holo!) Sadly, the sun wasn't out to play when I swatched this pictures so I had to use flash to show off the holo. (As shown in the last picture of Trophy Wife below).

I loved wearing Trophy Wife and received so many compliments from ladies at work. The coverage was amazing and paired with Vapid Lacquer's Quick Dry Top Coat, I'm sure it would have lasted many more days had I not taken it off to swatch some other polishes Kristen sent.

BAM! Look at that gorgeous holo shining through. I really wish Mr. Sun came out to play when I did these. You better believe I will be wearing this color again though. I promise to update my facebook page with a sun shot when I do!

Second and last for today: Hallucinations

Hallucinations is another fabulous holo polish that is greenish gold in color. I used 2 coats for this review. Again, the formula is awesome and the polish goes on so smooth. The above picture is taken inside with no flash.

Are you ready for the sun shots?

Ok, ok. . . I had to add that picture in because it really trips me out and honestly . . . so does this gorgeous polish in the sun!

Seriously with this polish???? Are you not in love? Are you ready for sun shot madness?!

Again, absolutely amazing and I am in love with both. Vapid Lacquer's formula has never failed me and I always recommend her amazing Quick Dry Top Coat as well!

Currently, I do not see either of these polishes in the online store, but Kristen has been gradually adding her polishes since she has moved to her big cartel site. Polishes from Vapid Lacquer generally cost from $8-$9, so be on the look out on her facebook page and on the Vapid Lacquer big cartel site for updates and pretties!!

Also, keep an eye out for my next post with Vapid Lacquer - Hypo-manic and Sleep Deprivation! <3


  1. ooo wow, they're pretty!
    I'm following you via email now :) <3

    1. Thanks love! :) Yes I was in love with both of these ones!