Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ruby White Tips Murder House swatch and review

Let me start first off by saying . . . I am a HUGE fan of American Horror Story. I am also a HUGE fan of Ruby White Tips. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out Laura was going to be adding an American Horror Story line to her polish brand. I mean. . . jump up and down, get the giggles giddy. (Evil laugh and finger tapping giddy)

I had the very fortunate luck at winning the polish I'm going to be showing you today from Ruby White Tips. (OMGGGG American Horror Story!!! OMGGGGG Ruby White Tips!!! Thanks Laura!)

Ruby White Tips - Murder House

Murder House is a gorgeous blue (I would describe it as a midnight blue) with micro red glitters mixed in. The formula for this polish has really impressed me. I polished my nails with Murder House on Monday and due to the sun not coming out most of the week and me being very hopeful that it would show itself eventually, I kept my nails polished with it through today. No chips so far, which is fabulous.

I used two coats of polish for this review. I was expecting Murder House to be thicker than it actually was, because my namesake polish from Ruby White Tips was a little thick (although still applied great). I was pleasantly surprised to find that Murder House was the perfect thickness. This is another one that you could probably get away with using only one coat of polish.

The name Murder House is from the first Season of American Horror Story, where a seemingly gorgeous and normal house has a hidden mysterious past, which starts to effect the new residents. I won't go too far into the plot, because I really recommend that you watch the show unfold for yourself. Much like I recommend getting your hands on this beautiful polish, which at first glance looks like a pretty blue. Then in the right lighting or angle you see the magnificent micro red glitters. Do you see them? They certainly were tricky for me to capture in this cloudy winter weather we've been having.

Please excuse my dry hands and lack of the polish bottle in the last picture. I did not have either on me when I took this picture (for fear the sun would hide before I could grab them!) You can see hints of the micro red glitter. It really adds for a nice surprise! :)

Murder House, along with the other Ruby White Tips American Horror Story line will be available online this Sunday to purchase from the Ruby White Tips Etsy shop. I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat here in suspense!!

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