Monday, January 6, 2014

Ruby White Tips - Amie

A while back, Ruby White Tips asked what color their fans would make in a polish if they could have any color they wanted. Lots of people entered their ideas (as well as myself) and my color was one of the colors she picked to make!

Now I don't know if you know this. . . but Ruby White Tips has been a brand that I have been lemming over for quite some time. (There is a Breaking Bad line and Laura is also coming out with an American Horror Story line!!!! I am a hugeeeeeee fan of both of those shows!) You can imagine my over the top excitement when Laura mentioned that she would be making my idea for a color! As soon as it was available in the shop . . . I grabbed one right up and Laura also snuck in an extra one for me for free! :) (Thanks Laura!!!!!)

Ruby White Tips: Amie
(With a name like that. . . how could you not like it? Am I right *wink wink*)

Look!!! We had sun!!! (It was negative 19 with a wind chill of negative 47 so you better believe I did another window picture instead of venturing outside!)

Ruby White Tips - Amie is a gorgeous royal blue with scattered micro glitter and 2 sizes of fuchsia glitters. It is also 4 Free (does not include the nasty chemicals) and it is vegan! Like other RWT polishes, some of money from sales from this polish will be donated to a charity. I have not quite decided which one yet. (Any ideas?)

The formula is great and you don't have to fish for the fuchsia glitters. They just come right out! :) I used 2 coats for this review but the polish looks just as gorgeous with only 1 coat and drys fairly fast. (We all love to hear that!)

The rest of these photos were taking under bathroom lighting with no flash.

Can we talk about the adorable bottle? First . . . I love square bottles. No idea why, but I'm a huge fan! Second . . . the cap is so pretty with the pink rhinestones!!! All of Ruby White Tips polishes have a gorgeous decorated cap. Check out the online store to see more!

Some more eye candy for you!

If you love this color like I do. . . you might want to hurry up and buy it, as it is SUPER limited edition!!! A full size bottle is available in the shop for only $9 and remember some of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. Beautiful color. . . good cause. . . it's a win/win situation wouldn't you say?

While you are in the Ruby White Tips shop you should check out her Breaking Bad line (amazing!!!) and also another polish that was made from a fellow bloggers idea. Check out her review on it here: Potions in Motion

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