Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves- Angus (Swatch and review)

I'm down to the last polish that I acquired from Leigh Anne's of Polish Yer Hooves amazing Black Friday Weekend sales. I feel like the timing was pretty perfect with this one because if you follow me through Facebook or instagram you will see that tragedy had struck. Here is a picture to refresh your memory.

*gasp* The horror!!!

I had to resort to shorties. Which in turn was OK because this last polish I have for you to see is dark and vampy and we all know that dark and vampy looks good on nubbins. ;)

Polish Yer Hooves - Angus

Angus is a happy medium between a dark gray and black holo polish. I used two thinner coats of polish to achieve this look.

As I always say about polishes from Polish Yer Hooves. . . in love with the formula! Polish goes on easily and simply looks awesome. I got my hair done the other day (dark, short and vampy like my nails hehe) and one of the ladies asked if I had on shellac. <3 See why I love this brand?

Here is Angus with flash so you can see the pretty holo come out. Unfortunately the weather around here has been gloomy, cold and windy. (It is supposed to get up to a wind chill of negative 50 tonight through tomorrow!) Thus . . . no sun shots. :( I tried to wait it out but it doesn't look Mr. Sun will come out to play any time soon!

Angus is not available in Leigh Anne's Etsy shop at the moment but there is a darker limited edition black holo polish, called Night Sky on the Prairie, available if you hurry!

Also, just a reminder: Christmas polishes are on sale right now for $5 each and will only be available until Jan. 8th!!! Hurry up and grab those beauties while they are still available!

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