Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Destined for Greatness and Birthday Suit

Thank you all for your patience while I was away on vacation! If you follow me on instagram then you saw some of the fun I was having out in Colorado.

Right before I left for vacation I received some nail mail from Kristen over at Vapid Lacquer (also known as Smelly Goods & Pretties if you are interested in soaps, lotions and lipgloss). In my nail mail from Vapid Lacquer were 6 beauties for me to review.

Today on the blog are two of those gorgeous polishes.

First up is: Destined for Greatness
(Yes!!! SUN SHOTS!!)

As you can see, Destined for Greatness is a pinkish/purple polish that is packed full of gorgeous holo.

The formula is wonderful! I used only 2 coats for this review, but you could honestly get by with only one coat.

Yep! You heard that right! One coat. Makes you happy doesn't it?

I thought so!

With flash:

Destined for Greatness is a 4 Free polish (does not include the nasty chemicals: Toluene, DBPs, formaldehyde or Camphor) and is also cruelty free.

I love this color so much! I'm going to even paint my toes in it! Destined for Greatness will be available on the Vapid Lacquer big cartel site for only $9 (Full size)!

Next is: Birthday Suit

Are you looking for a nude with a little bit of pizzazz?

Look no further ladies!!

Sadly, Mr. Sun did not come out to play when I was taking pictures of this lovely nude holo. I tried my best to show you that this nude polish is also packed full of holo. Kristen has told me that the new batch has twice the linear holo and she also added some scattered holo. That baby is going to shine!!! (oOo I'm so jelly of you if you get it!!)

Birthday Suit also has a wonderful formula and is 4 Free/cruelty free. I used 2 coats or Birthday Suit for this review.

If you look at the bottle in this picture you can see some of the holo coming out to play.

I showed my friend a picture of the swatch and she said Birthday Suit reminds her of coffee with lots of creme. I have to say. . . I agree with her. (With a whole lot of sparkle added!) Now. . . I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I am a fan of this polish. It is perfect for days when you want a little bit of subtly (but not too much!) I'm going to call this my interview polish. ;)

Birthday Suit will be available on the Vapid Lacquer big cartel site for $9 (Full size)!

Stay tuned on the Smelly Goods & Pretties facebook page to keep find out when these lovelies will be back in stock! In the meantime . . . take a look around on the Vapid Lacquer site at some of the other polishes available or maybe pick up a solid lotion or soap mustache!

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