Monday, May 12, 2014

Vapid Lacquer- Broken Flower Pot

Krys from Vapid Lacquer/Smelly Goods and Pretties sent me another one of her gorgeous new polishes. (For an honest review!) This one is also available in the store right now and gorgeous so make sure you snatch it up soon!

This one is called: Broken Flower Pot (Don't you wish you knew if there was a story behind that one!? I know I do!)

Broken Flower Pot is a terracotta colored linear holographic polish. (Oh boy is it packed full of holo!) This is also a 4-Free and cruelty free polish (as all Vapid Lacquer polishes are)!

I used only 2 thin coats of Broken Flower Pot and one coat of Vapid Lacquer Quick Dry Top Coat to achieve this look. The formula is fabulous and dry time is not bad at all. Super impressed all around. :)

This is a color that will go great with any season. Don't you agree?

I really love how the holo shines in the sun! <3 So gorgeous!

Broken Flower Pot is available on the Vapid Lacquer bigcartel site for only $10 for a full size (15mL) bottle and $5 for a mini (5mL) size bottle.

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******* Funny off topic (well kind of) story. I had an ex who named his cat (when he was in kindergarten) Flower Pot. hehehehe ********

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