Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Betwixt

So I was talking to Krys from Vapid Lacquer/Smelly Goods & Pretties, because we all know I am pretty obsessed with her polishes which are gorgeous and have amazing formulas. Anyway. . . I was raving about how much I loved Grape Stomp because it has such a strong linear holo. I told her that I would die and go to heaven if she made a thermal with a linear holo like Grape Stomp. The polish of my dreams!! Guess what? She agreed to try and sent me the result to test. It is heaven in a bottle!

I'm sure you have seen a few sneak peeks on her Facebook as well as mine.

YES SHE DID!!! (Prepare to be mesmerized).

Behold. . . Betwixt!

Betwixt is a gorgeous thermal polish which is light blue when warm and purple when cold. Do you see the amazing linear holo!? Holy WOW! I am so in love.

Betwixt like all Vapid Lacquers is a 4-Free and cruelty free polish. I used only 2 coats of polish to achieve this look (topped off with Vapid Lacquer Quick Dry Top Coat)

When Betwixt comes available it will be around $12 for a full size bottle. Totally worth it with that gorgeous linear holo AND thermal change!! (I've only ever seen scattered holo thermals before). Amazing! I really hope she comes out with more! <3

Check out Betwixt in action!!!

Be sure to keep you eyes peeled for this baby!! You won't want to miss this release!

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