Thursday, May 22, 2014

La Bella Vernice Shitty Smitty

Green. . . Did you know that green is my favorite color?

Yes we know my favorite polish colors are blue and purple, but GREEN. . . green is my actual favorite color. Did you also know that a green polish that works with me is few and far in between? I have been heartbroken so many times with green polishes not looking right on me. HOWEVER, I took a chance on this gorgeous green by La Bella Vernice. I'm so glad that I did. <3

This beauty is Shitty Smitty. (HAHAHA! Oh come on. . . don't tell me the name didn't have you giggling too?)

Shitty Smitty is a fabulous green polish with linear holo from the St. Patty's Day Collection. Like Neener Neener Neener, it dries matte. Again, I am a fan of shine so for purposes of this review I polished over Shitty Smitty with a topcoat. I see this as a two for one polish! You can keep it matte or add some shine like I did!

Also, like Neener Neener Neener this polish pleasantly surprised me in only needing two coats for opacity. In fact, the formula worked so well for me that I almost only needed 1 coat!

The full effect of the linear holo was a little hard to catch on camera, but I can assure you it is there. I found myself sticking my hand out in every patch of sunlight I could find. I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm looney. You can't blame me though. . . it's just so pretty!

Shitty Smitty is available for purchase in full size on the La Bella Vernice website for only $10. So if you are looking for a gorgeous green for St. Patrick's Day next year or just a fun green in general, this is your polish! While you are there you should check out some of the other gorgeous polishes there is to offer!

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