Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linear Holographic Thermals? Say WHAT?!?!

So if you remember a few weeks ago I had a post bout a conversation I had with Krys from Vapid Lacquer/Smelly Goods & Pretties. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I am so in LOVE with the holo in Grape Stomp Krys!

Krys: Oh thank you Amie, it really is quite beautiful isn't it?

Me: Yes! Know what would be even more amazing though? Thermals! Thermals with the holographic pop that Grape Stomp has. I would die and go to heaven if you could make those happen.

Krys: *goes off to research pigments and comes back* Prepare to die.

;) LOL Ok not really but she did say that she loved the idea and would send them to me for testing purposes! I did a major happy dance and received Betwixt in the mail after she did some testing at home, so I could test further. Completely past the test! Here is the post if you want to be reminded of the gorgeousness: Betwixt

Fast forward to recently. . . everyone was super excited about Betwixt so Krys experimented with some more thermal pigments and sent me THREE, yes THREE more beauties to test and show you lovelies.

This post will be super picture heavy. Also, you may need sunglasses.

You have been warned. ;)

First up: How'd You Do That?

"How'd You Do That?" is a thermal linear holographic polish. As with all Vapid Lacquer polishes, this polish is 4-Free! It's thermal change is heat activated. When warm it is light blue and when cold it is a darker blue. Both colors in the shift are absolutely stunning. Also, would you check out that gorgeous holo!? Do you have on your sunglasses yet? ;)

Would you check out that gorgeous holo?! Do you have on your sunglasses yet?

I bet you are wondering about the formula. Just like all Vapid Lacquer polishes (as with the rest of the thermals in this post) this one applied like a dream! For opacity I used 2 coats and of course topped it off with my handy Vapid Lacquer Quick Dry Top Coat!


Watch "How'd You Do That?" in action!

Next up is: Misconfuxiated

Misconfuxiated is also a thermal linear holograhic polish that is 4-free. :) (Freaking gorgeous!)

Misconfuxiated is purple when cold.

And. . . pink when warm! (It actually has a middle color also, if your temp is somewhere between cold and warm the polish will have a lilac look! 3 for one! This polish is so amazing!)

Gorgeous isn't it? Mmmmhmmmm! (I love when the sun cooperates!)

Misconfuxiated only needed 2 coats of polish as well. Don't you love hearing that? I know I do!

You'll have to click on this link to my instagram page for the video of Misconfuxiated in action. I had a little issue where I needed to change phones so the video didn't transfer over for some reason: Misconfuxiated in action!

Last up: Misconfuzzled

(Also a gorgeous thermal linear holographic polish!)

Misconfuzzled is coral when cold! (AHHHH! LOVE!)

And. . . light yellow when warm!

Simply stunning isn't it?! I am so in love with thermal linear holographic polishes!!! My mind is blown!

Now, Misconfuzzled is not quite a 2 coat polish. I used 3 coats for the opacity in these pictures. You might be more satisfied with 2 coats, but I went with 3. :)

Again, fabulous formula! So in love!

Same situation with my phone so click this link to see: Misconfuzzled in action!

All of four of these thermals will be available for purchase sometime in June (Krys is perdicting mid-June). Full sizes will be $12, which is completely worth the price for the quality, thermal changes and LINEAR goodness that you will be getting!

Please feel free to stalk Vapid Lacquer/Smelly Goods & Pretties for updates:




I'm supposed to die and go to heaven now right?

. . . What? ;)

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