Friday, May 30, 2014

ORANGE you glad it's the weekend?

Welcome back to another installment of "ORANGE you glad it's the weekend?"

AHA see I'm on time this time! ;)

So for this post I brought out one of my OLD nail polishes. I'm not quite sure how long I've had this specific one but I'm thinking it was high school or early college years! Considering I'm going to be 29 this year. . . that makes it kind of old. ;)

I used to wear this baby ALL of the time for summer. On my toes. . . on my finger nails. . . I wore it constantly. I'm surprised it isn't more empty!

I give you: RIMMEL LONDON - Tequila Sunrise

Holy cow! Would you look at that orange!? I used only 1 coat of polish. Oh yes! You love to hear about one-coaters!

Check it out in the sun!

Summer fun color for sure! ;)

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