Saturday, July 5, 2014

ORANGE You Glad It's the Weekend? version: Nailtini

I hope everyone had another fabulous week! If you are one of my USA readers, did you do anything exciting for Independence Day?!

This week's ORANGE you glad post is featuring: Nailtini - Mai Tai

This polish was one that I received from a swap I did back in October (I believe) and I am just now getting around to finally trying it out! I believe that this polish was one that was included in either ipsy or birchbox. I could be very wrong though! In the same token. . . you can find it for purchase on the 'Tini Beauty website.

Mai Tai is a 5-free, vegan friendly and cruelty free polish. It is a very deep, glossy coralish orange creme color. Nearly opaque in one coat (a few nails I had to do 2 coats of polish). It is so glossy! You really don't need to apply topcoat. (I applied it out of habit and also to seal it from chipping . . . just in case). It dries fairly quickly!

You can purchase Mai Tai in either a full size for $13 or a mini size for $6.50


  1. This is gorgeous on you! I didn't like this color on me at all.

    1. Thank you!! Yeah I've seen a lot of this color on different store envy stores. Must not be a popular color. I liked it though. :-)