Friday, June 6, 2014

Orange you glad it's Friday? Featuring Julep Kaylen

Hey ladies (and possibly gentlemen!!) Welcome back for another installment of "Orange You Glad It's Friday?" This is my second week in a row being on time with this post! Everyone say "HOORAY!!" :) I'm pretty proud of myself.

A little for-warning before you read this post. I am going on vacation to North Georgia next week. This vacation will consist of mountain biking, hiking, etc. Therefore. . . I shortened my beautiful nails down to nubbins for safety reasons. I can only imagine the catastrophes that might happen to a long nails on the mountain bike or hiking path!

Now. . . I'm not super impressed with my nubbins. Please bare with me while they grow back! :) I just want to stay safe while away. The good news? They do GROW back! :) :) :)

Ok now on to what you came here for!

I either purchased or got this bright orange polish off someone in a Facebook group brand new.

This is Julep- Kaylen. Kaylen is a bright orange creme polish. Unfortunately, when I looked on the Julep website, I did not see it available for purchase currently. So if you fall in love with this color you might have to check out polish trade groups on Facebook.

While I do love the bright orange color of Kaylen, I am not in love with it's formula. I found the formula to be somewhat chunky in places. To avoid chunks I had to wipe the brush on the inside rim of the polish multiple times.

Dry time was fairly nice though. I also only used 2 coats of polish for this look. It is not totally opaque. If you want total opacity you would probably need 1 or 2 more coats on top. I really like the look of just 2 though!

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