Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Hypo-Manic and Sleep Deprivation

On the blog today I have the final 2 polishes that Kristen from Vapid Lacquer (also the owner of Smelly Goods & Pretties) sent me to review this round.

I was lucky enough to get pictures on Sunday when the sun was out! (My neighbors probably thought I was nuts with all the times I went out to take pictures of my nails. hehehe)

First up: Hypo-Manic

Hypo-Manic has a gorgeous copper/orange to magenta shift and was so freaking gorgeous that I was sad to take it off in my swatch fest on Sunday. The formula is wonderful and goes on with no hitches. Smooth and only needed 2 coats (although I still say you can get away with one coat with this one!)

Just look at that gorgeous shift! Where was this polish when I was in college? One year in the dorms I decorated my side of the room in all pink and orange. So in love!

Are you ready for the sun shot? I'd go all corny on you with a meme saying "I don't think you're ready for this jelly," but Hypo-Manic is not a jelly finish.

Ok . . . Ok here it is!!!!

Don't you have fireworks going off in your heart right now? I can't be the only one! This one is going on my favorite polish list for sure!

Next and last on the blog today is: Sleep Deprivation

I was not able to snag a lot of amazing pictures in the sun with this one due to the sun running to hide but I did manage to snag two photos that show it's color shift. :)

Sleep Deprivation has a color shift from an olive greenish color to a pretty violet. Now I will admit that I used about 3 coats for this review. I've talked to Kristen though and she said the new batch is fixed and more pigmented so that you will only need 2 coats.

Look at the color change there! Fab!

Both of these polishes are available on the Vapid Lacquer big cartel site under the BiPolar Collection tab for only $9 each for full size or $5 each for a mini. Also, if you hurry there is a sale going on right now for 15% off until tomorrow (1/22/2014) by midnight. See the image below for coupon code.

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