Sunday, October 6, 2013

Movie inspired mani

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So I'm in a group of lovely girls on facebook and everyone is doing movie inspired manis this week. Since I am doing pink or pink and blue manis for October . . . I struggled with this one.

What movies could I incorporate a pink mani in?


(That is me thinking really hard btw! ;) )

First, I googled movies with pink in their title. I came up with many movies that I had never heard of and also ones such as: Pink Panther. I wasn't sure how I would do a mani for any of them so the search continued.

Finally, I thought maybe some sort of Disney movie. I love kids movies! I could do something with Minnie Mouse. . . but was she ever really in a movie? Not that I knew of. . .

I took my search to and started typing in different Disney movies that I could remember. I had started to settle down in the notion that I might do a Princess of some sort. Maybe Aurora? She wore pink right? Then I stumbled across Alice in Wonderland.


I present to you. . .

The Cheshire Cat!!! (I also included the Queen of Hearts' roses which got painted red!)


  1. The mani turned out great. Can totally tell its the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland